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Nov 25, 2020

Simpatico podcast returns!

Co-hosts David Tavolier and Joshua Witsaman are here with more pop culture news and discussion!  On this episode Dave continues his deep dive into horror video games, providing further updates and recommendations.  Plus news from Stranger Things season 4, the G4 Holiday Reunion Special, and...

Nov 11, 2020

Halloween might be over BUT coming up later this week we've got Friday the 13th to look forward to!  So the Simpatico Podcast horror theme continues!

On this episode co-hosts David Tavolier and Joshua Witsaman continue their discussion of Bram Stoker's classic novel Dracula.  Talking about all the highs and lows of...

Nov 4, 2020

On this special episode of the Simpatico Podcast - co-hosts David Tavolier and Joshua Witsaman set aside their typical format and dedicate the entire episode to discuss DRACULA!

Continuing the series of horror themed episodes Josh and Dave begin a conversation about Bram Stoker's classic horror novel and its MANY varied...