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Jul 4, 2017

It is an ancient draught which has been brewed by mankind since time immemorial. It has given us the courage to stand against the armed phalanxes of our enemies and later helped us celebrate those glorious victories in the boisterous mead halls of old!
For many, beer has historically provided the mettle required to take those first steps when approaching members of the opposite sex and in turn beer has often created regrettable situations which embarrassingly ruin otherwise enjoyable wedding receptions.
In this episode of TRIO SIMPATICO Joshua and David are guided through a tour of beers with returning guest BRIAN ASHTON and new guest JEN ASHTON!
Which makes this episode a QUARTET SIMPATICO!
Brian and Jen prepared a selection of beers to sample and pore over. We discuss different brews, how certain beers are made, why some beers taste like garbage, and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that not all beers are created equal.
So if you enjoy beer and discussions about the subject of beer, then this episode is for you. But more importantly if you, like our co-host Josh, believe yourself to be someone who hates beer or has never acquired a taste for it, then you absolutely MUST listen to this episode. Brian Ashton is on a mission to show the people of the world that there IS a beer out there for everyone, and he wants to help YOU find your beer soul mate.
All this plus listener questions AND MORE on this episode of TRIO SIMPATICO!