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Aug 29, 2016

What is a comic book convention?  What draws so many to participate in these affairs?  And what do these participants enjoy about such events?

This week on TRIO SIMPATICO Joshua and David delve deep into these questions while sharing some of their personal best and worst con experiences.  Of course as one might expect comic books are involved.  Costumes and cosplayers abound.  Varieties of panels which are presented by fans as well as creators and celebrities within pop culture.  Meet and greets.  Book signings.  Collectibles. Fans. Camaraderie.

All of these are elements of a convention.

Joining us again this week is NICK ABOOD a comic book reader who cut his fandom teeth at San Diego Comic Con, the big one!  Nick and Dave reminisce about their halcyon days at San Diego and some of their more recent convention pursuits as well.  Again this week we'll be answering questions from YOU the listeners as we try to figure out what makes comic cons so great.

So get in line and shell out some exorbitant fees with us here on TRIO SIMPATICO!